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In November 2013 I stayed at the MANHATTAN CLUB, One bedroom-two bath unit 1516. This unit possessed all of the 'boutique' features: broken closets handle and kitchen light, a sofa that had marks all over it, cracked granite tile in the bathroom, peeling wallpaper, and the need for a portable heater due to insufficient heat from the built-in room unit. I called maintenance and the gentlemen informed me that all of the sofas are in similar condition, and that the closet handle and light fixture required an engineer to fix them. Of course, the engineer never showed up.

Being an owner at The Manhattan Club, I am paying around $ 2,300 plus taxes for a 6 night stay one certainly should not be subjected to such horrible room conditions. I could have booked a room online for $ 199 a night and had a more reasonable and less costly stay. It is obvious that the management company is unable to care for the property in an acceptable manner to properly ensure that the guest enjoys their stay. I believe that the management company’s fees of 20% be revised downward until they care for the property in an appropriate manner, or better yet, they should be replaced by a capable management company.

As per my knowledge, there are many TMC owners who are distressed with your reservation practices and misinformation provided by the licensed personnel in your sales department. In my case, I experienced all aspects of violations of an Owner’s rights by O. Park central, LLC: fraudulent mortgage assignment without timely satisfaction upon payment of said mortgage, wrongful registration, many errors and discrepancies in documentation, unauthorized credit card charges, unlawful change of the Event that resulted in mistaken charges, failed reservations, poor room conditions, and misinformation provided by all of those associated with TMC (Customer service, the Board, Financial department). Some of these issues have been previously addresses to TMC, however, O. Park central, LLC. and TMC continue to breach the Purchase Agreement, Offering Plan, By-Laws, and TMC and Condominium Powers of Attorney.

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