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Waste of money.a disappointment

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from initial ownership until the present moment: reservations are almost always per a friggin wait list, never at the moment for owners. non owners can rent at almost anytime of the year, and not pay the exorbitant maintenance fees imposed by the greedy MANHATTAN CLUB MANAGEMENT, upwards of $2,000++ PER WEEK OF OWNERSHIP depending on the type of accommodation, AND THAT'S ON TOP OF NYC REAL ESTATE TAX PER WEEK. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING AT... Read more

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We took our daughter and a friend here for their high school graduation trip. NYC was awesome and the proximity of the hotel was perfect. That is where all the good about this ends! DO NOT BUY INTO THIS TIMESHARE IF YOU ARE AN RCI POINTS OWNER ALREADY!!!! THEY TELL YOU ALL KINDS OF LIES TO BUY THEIR TIMESHARE AND NONE OF IT IS TRUE!! We were safer on the streets of NYC that with the sales people Tiffany and Arnie at the Manhattan where we... Read more

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We are long time owners at the Manhattan Club and are very disgusted with its practices. Over the years the maintenance fees have skyrocketed to over $2500 per year and at the same time it has gotten more and more difficult to book nights. You have to call 9 months in advance to book, and even then you are unlikely to succeed. The administration has completely ignored our feedback over the years, and is actually adversarial to its owners. At... Read more

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In November 2013 I stayed at the MANHATTAN CLUB, One bedroom-two bath unit 1516. This unit possessed all of the 'boutique' features: broken closets handle and kitchen light, a sofa that had marks all over it, cracked granite tile in the bathroom, peeling wallpaper, and the need for a portable heater due to insufficient heat from the built-in room unit. I called maintenance and the gentlemen informed me that all of the sofas are in similar... Read more

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The yearly maintenance fees for The Manhattan Club have become outrageous. For the 1BR Executive Suite we own, we are paying over $2500. I can certainly get a comfortable hotel room in NYC WHENEVER I want for $350.00/night. Not only are TMC owners being ripped off for the maintenance fees, we are not able to even get a reservation. In the 8+ years that we have been owners, we have gotten the exact reservation that we wanted ONCE!! All the... Read more

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The maintenance fees and taxes are now more than $300/night. (Not factoring in the purchase of timeshare). Availability is zero. In 8 years we have never been able to get any dates we wanted. The units themselves are great. I feel like they have stolen our money. If you read the Manhattan Club budget, the owner gets an outrageous 20% fee of all the income--this is far, far above the industry standard. Not sure if a class action lawsuit is... Read more

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If you get a call and expect reservations, tickets to a show and money for food for about $250 you are dreaming. After making the reservations you'll get another call and you'll be told that for the date that you want to go you need to book 2 nights for over $500. They claim that they made a mistake biut do not believe them. It is a regular scam. So the bottom line it is a bait and switch and you the consumer should never responde to... Read more

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You buy a Timeshare at the Manhattan Club and you are told that it is perfect for visits after seeing a show, weekend trips etc. Well it has become increasingly difficult - actually impossible to book a room at all!! Yet they continue to market Time shares for sale!! They have oversold the available units and weeks, and continue to sell more. They hope that people either get disgusted and give up or trade their unit to RCI which they also... Read more

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If you happen to be pitched a fractional ownership in the Manhattan Club in NYC, throw it in the trash. I have been an "owner" for a decade, and in spite of promises from the sales group of availability of my unit anytime, even on short notice, it's obvious that the organizers have oversold the occupancy capacity. We can't use our aprtment, regardeless of how early we try to book it. The place is always "sold out" And resale value is next to... Read more

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